Full-Stack Product Development Services

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We create value for our customers by building systems that last

Maintainable code-base and future-proof architecture.

In an era of scrum methodology it is often tempting to jump into product development right away. At Autea we tend to work in a bit old-fashioned way, and take the initial business analysis and usability investigations slowly. Only after both parties having a solid understanding what should be built we move to technology selection followed by agile, iterative process of elastic, incremental, two-week deliveries.

AngularJS is an environment where we are most effective with our front-end work. NodeJS or Flask coupled with MongoDB are our proffered back-end technologies.

Python unchained - working with Django

Looking for a Great DjangoCMS - take a look here (idDigital link)

Angular and Node - great couple, one language.

JavaScript penetrated SMB and startup scene some time ago. We are on the mission to bring it to mid-market and enterprise solutions.

Have you raised founding recently?

If you are and looking to extend your team with system architects and senior developers?

Deciding to take on entrepreneurship journey can turn your hair gray in no time. We had been there ourselves. If your ambitious product road-map faces internal challenges and the investor's pressure is rising, why not ask for help? Sometimes just a short conversation can create a meaningful impact on your strategy - don't be afraid to give us a call, apart from your time it won't cost you a dime.

We had been working with some great startups, helping them to get their MVP up and running, maintain and scale them over time.