Cloud Engineering Services

Autea operates in Microsoft Azure and Docker cloud technologies

We are the Cloud Engineers

We natively operate in distributed cloud environment

If you are coming from SMB, mid-market or enterprise segment - you must have heard about the cloud. Modern IT infrastructure almost entirely relies on the concept of virtualized software that is in most part detached from the physical hardware.

We work in the Cloud by default. Regardless of the form: monolith or microservices - every piece of software that we build is delivered dockerized or prepared for your platform of choice.

Systems deployed using Microsoft Azure

We are consulting companies that are starting with their journey to the world of the cloud computing. If you are working exclusively with Microsoft cloud platform, we are here to help.

Platform agnostic distributed systems

If you are not ready to commit your organization to one specific vendor yet - our expertise can help you reach a future-proof system architecture with a clear

Microservices and disposable code.

Language agnostic system architecture.

Language agnostic architecture is what we believe is most efficient approach to system design. How to lower the cost and complexity of the SLA's for the tailor-made enterprise systems? Ensuring maintainability by writing the code from the scratch every time.

If you want to make a single investment in infrastructure that will last a decade or more - think about foundation that would survive the ravages of time and the rapidly changing world of IT technologies. Focus on architecture that would remain unchanged and the components that would be completely disposable and replaceable at a fraction of the cost of maintaining an outdated codebase.